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Missouri Has A History Of Ending Careers Of Republicans Who Mess With Medicaid 

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According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Tony Messenger, Missouri has a history of ending careers of Republican governors who play partisan games with Medicaid. That spells trouble for Gov. Mike Parson.
Parson has been hellbent on denying Missourians affordable health care. He blocked 200,000 Missourians from having health care. Parson’s refusal to expand Medicaid has put a quarter of the state’s rural hospitals on the brink of closure.
Under his watch, 94,000 children have lost their health care. Young children have lost health insurance faster in Missouri than in any other state under Parson’s watch.
No wonder Parson is trying to soften his position after watching Democrats win on protecting Medicaid in ruby-red Louisiana and Kentucky.
“Mike Parson knows what happens to Republicans who mess with Medicaid and now he’s trying to run from his record,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “No amount of spin will erase Parson’s heartless record of letting nearly 100,000 kids lose their health care. Missourians look out for each other but Parson only looks out for himself.”