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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Tries to Distract From His Failures on COVID-19 With Political Games

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With COVID-19 Cases Skyrocketing, Parson Makes A Desperate Attempt to Get Missourians to Focus on Other Issues

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is completely out of step with Missouri voters and has lost the faith of his own party. Parson failed at reining in the COVID-19 pandemic, so he’s making a desperate attempt to pivot to other issues, even while Missouri voters remain concerned about the all-consuming pandemic.

Since May, the Missouri Scout/Remington poll of Missouri Republicans in State Senate District 33 shows their belief that the state government is handling COVID-19 correctly has dropped by 23 points – down to a mere 36%. And Mike Parson’s COVID-19 approval rating among all Missourians? One of the lowest in the country at just 38%.

As COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket out of control, Missourians are losing the little confidence they had left in Mike Parson. He’s ignored health officials at every step and bucked all responsibility for the consequences. He’s so far out of touch with what Missourians want that he’s refusing to wear a mask, even though most members of his party support mask-wearing.

Now, he’s called a “special session” on violent crime even though he has no coherent plan to reopen schools. Missourians can’t be fooled – it’s clear they know Mike Parson has taken his eye off the ball and botched the biggest health crisis facing their state.

“Mike Parson is completely out of touch with what matters to Missourians,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “He’s completely botched the COVID-19 crisis, and he’s refusing to wear a mask, even though most Republicans are in favor of a mask mandate. Now, he’s trying to pivot away from the biggest issue on Missourians’ minds and move on to something else, while voters are still concerned about COVID-19. Missouri needs to pivot away from Mike Parson and find a new way.”