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Minnesota Republicans Lose Top Recruit For Governor

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Minnesota Congressman Pete Stauber announced over the weekend he would not be running for governor in 2022, leaving the Minnesota GOP in a state of disarray, and the RGA left without a viable candidate to take on popular Democratic Gov. Tim Walz. Former Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers said, “I don’t know if there’s a clear path right now for any candidate.”

The Minnesota GOP field thus far is a pathetic crop of far-right extremists who are out-of-touch with reality. The closest to a serious announced candidate is former state lawmaker Scott Jensen, an anti-science, COVID denier who spent more time golfing than he did serving his constituents. The only other announced candidate is Mayor Mike Murphy, a Trump hack who has supported candidates affiliated with QAnon and suggested 2020 was “aliens controlling the matrix.”

Also rumored to be running is MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who is fighting a $1 billion lawsuit for touting far-right conspiracy theories so ludicrous that even Newsmax threatened to kick him off their network.

While the Minnesota GOP decides between a quack doctor, an alien conspiracy theorist, and lawsuit Lindell, Gov. Walz continues to be a steady, bipartisan leader with consistently high approval ratings.

“Pete Stauber is the latest in a long string of RGA recruitment failures for 2022 – it seems no one wants to take on our strong roster of Democratic governors,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Now, the Minnesota GOP is left to decide which conspiracy theorist they’d like to nominate for governor. Democratic Gov. Tim Walz has earned a second term, and is clearly going to be the only candidate next year grounded in reality.“