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Millionaires In Vermont Are Doing Great Under Phil Scott. Working Vermonters? Not So Much.

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A new report shows that under Vermont Gov. Phil Scott’s watch the gap between millionaires and working Vermonters is increasing. Millionaires are enjoying 40 percent more income than they did in 2016 while working Vermonters’ incomes have decreased.
Phil Scott’s done his part to widen the gap between millionaires and working Vermonters. He slashed the estate tax and proposed capital gains tax cuts, which both overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy.
Scott could have helped working Vermonters but he decided to stand in the way. He vetoed a paid family and medical leave bill ensuring Vermont families can be with the people they love when they need them the most. And he vetoed a minimum wage increase that would have raised the wages of 58,000 Vermonters.
When it comes to helping the wealthy and well-connected, Phil Scott’s all ears. And working Vermonters are paying the price.
“Phil Scott is standing in the way of progress for Vermont’s working families,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “This new report shows that under Scott’s watch Vermont increasingly works for the wealthy and well-connected. Vermont deserves a governor who will take action so working families can thrive, not just millionaires.”