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Mike Shirkey Continues to Spread Lies, Claims Dead People Voted in Michigan

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Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey continued to spread lies about the election yesterday, saying during a radio interview that “too many dead people voted” [05:55], despite having no evidence to back up his claim.

Following Shirkey’s interview, the Michigan Secretary of State’s office reassured Michiganders that there was “no widespread evidence of wrongdoing, including ‘dead people voting’” in the election. 

This is the latest in a pattern of spreading debunked conspiracies for Shirkey. In November, Shirkey entertained Trump’s attempts to overturn the election by attending a White House meeting and holding hearings on election fraud even after Michigan had certified its results. And last week, Shirkey was caught on video calling the Capitol riot a “hoax”, and making sexist comments towards Gov. Whitmer, including that the GOP legislature “spanked” her on the budget.

Shirkey defended his inappropriate comments during yesterday’s interview, saying “spanked” is a “routinely used term in our lexicon.”

“Mike Shirkey doesn’t care about the truth – he’ll do anything to cozy up to far-right extremists and Trump’s base in Michigan,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Shirkey’s lies about our election are a danger to our democracy, and his sexist comments are extremely harmful and disrespectful to women, especially Gov. Whitmer and the women he works with in the state legislature.”