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Mike Pence’s Greatest.. Errr Worst Hits

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Mike Pence’s Greatest.. Errr Worst Hits

Get to know Mike Pence, Indiana’s failed governor

Ever wonder why Mike Pence was so eager to abandon his job as Indiana’s governor to run as Donald Trump’s vice president?

It may have had something to do with the terrible approval numbers that saddled his faltering gubernatorial campaign, and now bog down his handpicked replacement, Eric Holcomb. Or, maybe Pence saw it as the last chance to live out his dream of moving on from Indiana, and into Trump’s national spotlight.

Either way, as he takes to the debate stage tonight, here are 5 of Mike Pence’s greatest worst hits as governor:

1) Passed his anti-LGBT RFRA law that legalized discrimination and drove $60 million out of Indiana’s economy:


2) Ignored Carrier workers as the company shipped job overseas:


3) Blocked federal pre-K funding that could have benefitted 2,000 low-income students:


4) Left a mess for Indiana to clean up after abandoning the state for Donald Trump:


5) Anointed Eric Holcomb as the handpicked replacement to run on his failed record in Indiana’s gubernatorial race: