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Mike Lindell Brings Even More Extremism to Wisconsin GOP Primary

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In another sign of how extreme the Wisconsin GOP primary for governor is getting, MyPillow CEO and election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell will attend the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s convention this week.

Lindell will be a guest in Tim Ramthun’s hospitality suite. Ramthun is a fellow Big Lie enthusiast who’s brought even more extremism to the already chaotic and crowded primary.

Running on a platform of overturning Wisconsin’s 2020 election results, Ramthun has shaken up the race with a flurry of far-right support.

“He’s going to win — 100%. It’s not even going to be close,” Lindell said of Ramthun. “We’re going to get rid of the [voting] machines.”

In addition to Lindell’s endorsement, Ramthun was a guest on Steve Bannon’s podcast, and even Donald Trump called Ramthun last December to dangle his endorsement. Meanwhile, Ramthun’s Republican opponents have been scrambling to Mar-a-Lago to kiss up to Trump.

“The Wisconsin GOP primary was already a complete mess dominated by out-of-touch candidates, but now the Republicans running for governor are going off the deep end,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Mike Lindell’s involvement ensures this race will be dominated by extreme litmus tests as the candidates race to the far-right.”