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Mike DeWine “Running Scared” in OH-GOV

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DeWine Campaign Launching $1 Million Ad Buy to Prop Up Flailing Campaign

Attorney General Mike DeWine is feeling the heat in the Ohio gubernatorial primary against Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor. Just look at this headline from The Columbus Dispatch:

‘Mike DeWine running scared with $1 million-plus TV buy’

He and Taylor have amped up their attacks on each other in recent weeks, and now DeWine is reaching deep into his pockets to help pump up his image:

The gubernatorial campaign of Ohio’s attorney general is taking to the air with a $1 million-plus statewide commercial buy in his race for the Republican nomination against Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor ahead of the May 8 primary.

The Taylor campaign, clearly undeterred, continued to launch insults and attacks his way:

The Taylor campaign continued to call out DeWine’s camp on Tuesday. Some of its insults toward DeWine have included calling him “D.C. DeWine” and playing the age card on the 71-year-old GOP patriarch in saying he may have missed attending President Donald Trump’s event in Richfield last week because it was “nap time.”

The race is clearly a lot closer than DeWine thought it would be and it’s going to cost him dearly. Both campaigns have committed to spending millions to defeat each other, and it looks like that is what it is going to take.
“The Republican primary in Ohio is taking an expensive turn,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Mike DeWine and Mary Taylor are now spending millions on ads in one of the nastiest primaries in the country. Whoever wins is going to head into the general with a damaged reputation and depleted resources.”