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Mike DeWine Fails A Drug Test

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Is Mike DeWine incompetent or desperate? Or both?

Attorney General Mike DeWine needs to come to grips with a truth that will hurt: He’s really bad at his job.
On June 12, DeWine knew he needed a good headline to make up for his lack of action on the opioid crisis. So instead of testing what kind of drugs were seized, he decided to just call it “pure Fentanyl” – testing be damned.
Mike DeWine was very clear in his remarks. In fact, he said at the press conference, “The fentanyl seized by the Miami Valley Bulk Smuggling Task Force was enough to kill ‘every man, woman and child in the Miami Valley.’” He even made a sign to mark the occasion.
Well, it turns out the “pure Fentanyl” was actually cocaine.
“Attorney General Mike DeWine is so desperate to cover up his inaction on the opioid crisis that he will just make up the contents of a drug bust to might help his campaign,” said Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Even after 42 years as a politician, he still can’t get the basics right. If he’s bad at his job now, why does he deserve a promotion?”
After leaving his officers in expired bulletproof vests and hiring a firm with a clear conflict of interest to investigate a Republican legislator accused of sexual harassment, this is just the latest example of why Mike DeWine would be a terrible governor.
DeWine’s unofficial response to this latest debacle?