Michigan GOP Dis-Unity Tour Is A Complete Mess As Tudor Dixon Learns DeVos & Special Interests Can’t Solve Every Problem for Her

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After Tudor Dixon had to rely on Betsy DeVos, special interests, and last-minute endorsements to drag her across the finish line, the Michigan GOP is still a chaotic mess of extremists.

Here’s how the Michigan GOP’s “unity tour” is going so far:

  • Yesterday, former GOP frontrunner for governor James Craig announced he won’t support Dixon, saying her plan to ban abortion without exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother is “ludicrous.”
  • To make matters worse for Dixon, Ralph Rebandt said yesterday he will run against Dixon’s pick for lieutenant governor, suggesting he would give a voice to the 60% of Michigan Republicans who didn’t vote for Dixon in the primary.
  • Although he announced he’d decided against it yesterday, Garrett Soldano also considered running for lieutenant governor on the GOP ticket.
  • Ryan Kelley, who was absent at a Michigan GOP “unity luncheon” the day after the primary, still hasn’t conceded his loss. He’s alleged that Dixon’s win was “predetermined” and said he was “NOT CONCEDING!” This week, with the convention just days away, he slammed Michigan GOP leaders and called for an overhaul of the leadership, and said he’s considering a bid for party chair.

“Tudor Dixon’s decision to fully rely on Betsy DeVos and special interests may have dragged her across the primary finish line, but it’s done nothing to stop the never-ending chaos in the Michigan GOP,” said DGA Deputy Communication Director Sam Newton. “Tudor Dixon is too radical for Michigan, and her failure to unite even her own far-right wing of the GOP means the Republican chaos and infighting isn’t going away anytime soon.”