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Michelle Obama reported to be 'Vogue' cover choice

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Maria Puente, USA TODAY
Who else but first lady Michelle Obama is the best choice for the cover of the Vogue issue dedicated to getting and being in shape?
It’s true that Vogue likes to showcase first ladies; if the election had gone the other way in November, then maybe it would be Ann Romney gracing the cover of the April issue.
But since V‘s queen bee, Anna Wintour (today celebrating a new promotion, too), was a leading fashion-industry Obama supporter, no surprise she’d assign famed photographer Annie Leibovitz to capture the in-shape first lady who’s made fighting obesity and getting in shape one of her main projects.
Leibovitz was spotted with camera equipment at the White House last month, leading to immediate speculation — unconfirmed by the FLOTUS staff — that Mrs. O was headed for her second Voguecover. In March 2009, just a few months after taking office, she appeared on the cover with the headline, “The First Lady the World’s Been Waiting For.”
So no doubt about where Wintour & Co. stood.
This time, it’s the April issue and Obama is reported by Daily Beast star fashion writer Robin Givhan to be wearing Reed Krakoff, the designer she wore at the second inauguration in January and for one of her official photo portraits.
The “shape” issue is perfect platform to continue promoting Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign to encourage healthy eating and more exercise, for which the first lady is a model with her fit figure and her regular workouts in, among other things, kick boxing.
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