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Messy North Carolina GOP Gubernatorial Primary Gains Another Candidate

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Messy North Carolina GOP Gubernatorial Primary Gains Another Candidate

North Carolina’s already crowded and nasty Republican gubernatorial primary gained a fifth candidate yesterday, with retired health care executive Jesse Thomas entering the race. In his campaign launch, Thomas wasted no time before going after Lt. Governor Mark Robinson for his extreme record, accusing Robinson of “failing to show leadership” in his current role and slamming him for being, “focused on the culture war and the bedroom issues, instead of the kitchen-table issues.” 

Thomas is just the latest Republican candidate to line up against Robinson, as GOP leaders in the state  “continue to feel uneasy” about Robinson’s hateful rhetoric and record of spreading dangerous antisemitic conspiracy theories and his “handlers” to desperately try to keep him from talking.

“As Mark Robinson continues to reveal himself as a dangerous and unapologetic extremist, North Carolina Republicans are going on the offense against one of their own,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “The only thing that is certain about this toxic primary brawl is that by the end, voters will be left with no illusions about how wrong these candidates are for North Carolina.