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McSwain’s Meltdown: PA GOP Primary Gets Even Nastier as Bill McSwain Launches Attack Ad Slamming Fellow Primary Candidates

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As the Pennsylvania primary grows closer and the primary field remains crowded and chaotic, the GOP candidates’ attacks on each other are getting nastier. In a new negative TV ad from Bill McSwain, McSwain throws the kitchen sink at his fellow primary candidates Dave White, Doug Mastriano, and Lou Barletta.

Dave White’s campaign snapped back at McSwain for the ad in a total meltdown statement, calling his candidacy an “embarrassment” despite “spending nearly $6 million of his billionaire sugar daddy’s money.” 

White also called McSwain “a handpicked puppet of Trump impeacher Pat Toomey.McSwain has also been called “property of Pat Toomey” by a group backing Lou Barletta.

GOP candidate Melissa Hart also went after McSwain for his “law and order charade,” saying McSwain “isn’t the ‘law and order’ candidate, he just plays one in his commercials.”

“The primary is just over a month away and the GOP candidates continue to spend all of their time and money attacking each other and pushing extreme policies,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “With their kitchen sink attacks on each other heating up, we’re not holding our breath for these Republican candidates to come up with any plans to address the biggest issues facing Pennsylvanians.”