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McCrory to Jack Up Taxes on North Carolinians

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McCrory to Jack Up Taxes on North Carolinians

NC Gov. Backs New Taxes on Car Repair, Home Maintenance, Baby Screening

Today, Governor Pat McCrory announced his support for a budget that increases taxes on middle-class families through new taxes and fees on necessities like home repair and newborn screening. The budget decision marks a stunning reversal for McCrory, who promised as a candidate in 2012 to oppose a sales tax increase.

McCrory’s budget creates sales taxes for repairs and maintenance of automobiles and home appliances — redistributing the revenues of the new sales taxes to rural counties. The budget also raises fees for newborn screening and vehicle registration. 

Even some Republican legislators have refused to support the budget, saying it goes against their pledge not to increase taxes.

“Today, Pat McCrory announced his plan to jack up taxes on North Carolina middle-class families, in a desperate attempt to balance his broken budget,” said Jared Leopold, Communications Director for the Democratic Governors Association. “Pat McCrory’s budget will mean higher taxes for homeowners, drivers and new parents in North Carolina. With backwards priorities like these, it’s no wonder Pat McCrory is the most politically vulnerable Governor in America.”