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McCrory Makes NC a Punch Line on Late Night TV

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McCrory Makes NC a Punch Line on Late Night TV

NBC’s Seth Meyers: ‘Laws like these legalize discrimination’

Pat McCrory has turned North Carolina into a joke on late night TV. Last night, NBC host Seth Meyers blasted McCrory’s new anti-LGBT law in a segment called “A Closer Look.”

NBC’s Seth Meyers on NC law: “Most importantly, laws like these legalize discrimination.”

Watch the video here: North Carolina and Georgia Anti-LGBTQ Laws: A Closer Look


Seth Meyers: “So that’s Georgia, then there’s North Carolina where Republican governor Pat McCrory took the opposite approach. He signed a law passed by Republicans in that state that not only allows discrimination against LGBTQ people, it actually overturns a non-discrimination ordinance passed last month by the city of Charlotte.”


MSNBC news clip: “The law is so severe that the state’s most prominent newspaper, the Charlotte Observer, has compared Governor Pat McCrory to the likes of George Wallace, Orval Faubus, and Ross Barnett – all southern governors know for their support for segregation.”

Seth Meyers: “Thats how bad this law is. North Carolina’s newspapers have to reach for deep cut segregations like Ross Barnett and Orval Faubus. Even if you don’t know who Orval Faubus is, you can just tell from his name that he was a hard-core racist. Orval Faubus is the name of someone who at one point definitely said, ‘Well, well, well. What do we have here?’

“So the North Carolina bill not only reverses Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance, it bans all North Carolina municipalities from passing their own non-discrimination ordinances. It also requires trans individuals to use bathrooms that corrispond with the gender on their birth certificates, not the gender they identify with. This law is similar to other so-called bathroom bills that have been proposed by Republicans across the country — most severely in Florida.


“Look, these so-called bathroom bills are ridiculous for one thing – there is no evidence that sexual predators have ever exploited equal rights laws to commit crimes in bathrooms – most importantly, laws like these legalize discrimination. And not only that, they can also make police officers a lot less fun. This has been ‘A Closer Look.’”