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McCrory Doubles Down on HB 2

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McCrory Doubles Down on HB 2 

McCrory on HB 2 repeal: ‘It’s not going to happen’ 

Facing a multi-million dollar economic backlash, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory doubled down on his discrimination law today during the first day of the state’s legislative session. 

Despite new polling that shows minimal support for his anti-LGBT law statewide, McCrory reaffirmed his commitment to House Bill 2: 

“It’s not going to happen,” McCrory replied today when asked about an HB 2 repeal. 

Meanwhile, a new poll out today shows that 54 percent of North Carolinians believe HB 2 has had a negative effect on the state’s economy, while just 11 percent say it has had a positive effect. The poll, released by Public Policy Polling today shows North Carolinians opposing HB2 by a 9-point margin (45%-36%) and shows McCrory’s favorability deeper underwater (40% approval, 49% disapproval). 

This follows a WRAL poll earlier this month that showed a strong majority of North Carolina residents want HB 2 changed or repealed. 

An analysis done by Time Warner Cable news estimates HB 2 has cost North Carolina more than 1750 jobs and more than $77 million in economic activity.  

“After causing millions of dollars in damage, Governor McCrory has chosen to stand pat,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Today, Pat McCrory made it clear that he will put a reckless social agenda ahead of job creation in North Carolina. Voters wont forget the damage McCrory has caused come November.”