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Mayor Fung Breaks With Cranston Police Chief, Confirms He Opposes Red Flag Legislation

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This week, Mayor Allan Fung confirmed to GoLocalProv that he opposes common sense legislation to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, breaking with his own city’s police chief. His confirmation yesterday comes after weeks of his hiding and dodging on this critical gun safety measure.
While Mayor Fung may oppose efforts to help law enforcement keeps guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals, his own city’s top law enforcement officer, Police Chief Colonel Michael Winquist previously said, “The signing of today’s executive order provides law enforcement with a valuable tool in preventing individuals who clearly exhibit a danger to the public from possessing and acquiring firearms, while balancing the constitutional right to bear arms. I want to thank Governor Raimondo for taking swift action on signing this protective measure, as well the other legislators including Speaker Mattiello who have vowed their support to make this measure permanent.”
“In confirming his opposition to this common-sense bill, Mayor Fung not only puts himself at odds with not only his own town’s police chief but with the voters of Rhode Island,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Rhode Islanders deserve a governor who will work to keep them safe from gun violence, and it’s clear Mayor Fung won’t.”