Matt Bevin Has The Same Goal As The ACA Lawsuit: To Strip Kentuckians Of Their Health Care

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Today, oral arguments begin in a Kentucky lawsuit that could end protections for Kentuckians with a pre-existing condition. Matt Bevin supports the end goal of this lawsuit: a full repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Here are some of the ways this lawsuit could have disastrous results for Kentucky:

  • 479,600 Kentuckians who have gained coverage through Medicaid expansion could become uninsured.
  • Insurance companies could refuse to cover 1.79 million Kentuckians with a pre-existing condition.
  • 379,000 Kentuckians could lose their health insurance, leading to a 151 percent increase in the uninsured rate.
  • Insurance companies would be able to impose lifetime limits on coverage for those insured through their employer or on the individual market.
  • Kentucky women can be charged more than men.
  • Kentuckians over the age of 50 could face a $3,000 “age tax,” which would allow insurance companies to charge people over 50 more than young people.
  • Insurance companies would no longer be required to cover prescription drugs and maternity care.
  • Access to treatment for Kentuckians with a substance use disorder would be in jeopardy.

Bevin has sabotaged Kentuckians’ health care repeatedly throughout his first term. He tried to scale back Medicaid, which would have caused close to 100,000 Kentuckians to lose coverage. It took a federal judge to stop his plan. In a temper tantrum, Bevin threw Kentuckians’ health coverage into chaos by cutting dental and vision coverage for nearly 500,000 Kentuckians without warning.
Earlier this month, Bevin joined other Republicans and wealthy special interest groups in supporting the Association Health Plan (AHP) rule from the Department of Labor, which would open the door for insurance plans to price people with pre-existing conditions out of affordable health care coverage and erode coverage for hospital care, prescription drugs, and maternity care.
“Matt Bevin and this lawsuit have the same end goal: to recklessly gut health coverage from Kentuckians with a pre-existing condition,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Bevin’s entire term has been marked by his ruthless quest to sabotage Kentuckians’ health care. Matt Bevin must explain why he is hellbent on stripping 379,000 Kentuckians of their health care.”