Mastriano Takes the Heat for His Far-Right Extremism

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Instead of focusing on the issues impacting families in Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano continues to face scrutiny for his extreme record and dangerous agenda.

In just the last week, Mastriano has been exposed for his deep ties to antisemites and the Oath Keepers, slammed for calling climate change “fake” and saying Islam is incompatible with the Constitution, and had his barebones education plan called “completely irresponsible” by Pennsylvania teachers.

Here’s the latest news Pennsylvanians are reading on Mastriano’s extreme agenda from just the past week:

  • Member of Mastriano’s “Security Team” is Leader in Extremist Militia Group, the Oath Keepers: “Mastriano has surrounded himself with a non-professional, armed security team whose members include at least one person with direct ties to a militia group[…]Scott Nagle, who until recently was listed as a regional leader for the Oath Keepers, a militia group founded in 2009.” – Lancaster Online
  • Mastriano Calls Climate Change “Fake Science” and Says Islam Isn’t Compatible with the Constitution: “Doug Mastriano is trying to appeal to a wider audience[…]But with less than three months remaining before Election Day, Mastriano continues to be haunted by…Doug Mastriano[…]This week? A 2018 radio interview resurfaced in which Mastriano claims that climate change is an academic fabrication (it’s not) and that Islam isn’t compatible with the U.S. Constitution (it is, as Thomas Jefferson himself acknowledged).” – Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Jewish Leaders Slam Ron DeSantis for Rallying with Mastriano, Who has Deeply Concerning Ties To Antisemitic Far-Right Social Media Site and Its Founder: “A Pittsburgh-area group of faith and community leaders say they are speaking out against hate by criticizing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appearing in Pittsburgh on Friday with state Sen. Doug Mastriano[…]They spotlighted Mastriano’s payment of thousands of campaign dollars to the website called Gab for advertising and consulting services to reach Gab users. That site is widely cited as a haven for antisemitism and extremism.” – WTAE
  • Pennsylvania Teachers Call Mastriano’s Education Plan “Completely Irresponsible”: “While Mastriano has been shy on the details of implementing such a plan, the little he has shared has sent shivers down the spine of public education advocates[…]it would mean a $12.75 billion – or 33% – cut in funding for school districts, charter schools, intermediate schools and career and technical centers. The Pennsylvania State Education Association figures that loss of funding would mean the loss of more than 118,700 school jobs and cause more than double student-to-teacher ratios.” Penn Live
  • Mastriano Promotes and Campaigns with Conspiracy Theorist: “Julie Green, a self-proclaimed “prophet” and political ally of GOP candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano, once claimed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) drinks the blood of children and has predicted multiple elected officials will be executed treason. Mastriano, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump in May and went on to win his GOP primary, invited Green to give the opening prayer at one of his campaign rallies in March…” – Mediaite