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Mastriano and Torba Double Down as Gab CEO Attacks Jews and Promotes Dangerous Conspiracy Theories

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“Torba Reposted a Conspiracy Theory Video Attacking Jewish People for ‘White Genocide,’ Including Through the Jewish Nonprofit HIAS — the Same Conspiracy Theory the Alleged Gab Mass Shooter Referenced”

After a week of criticism, Doug Mastriano and Gab CEO Andrew Torba doubled down on their alliance — and now, new reporting details Torba’s recent attacks on Jews, amplification of dangerous conspiracy theories, and encouragement of antisemitic violence on social media.

New reporting by Media Matters shows that in recent months Torba has “signaled to his users that the social media platform is a home for antisemites by reposting attacks on Jews.” Torba has amplified Gab users who post antisemitic comments and encourage violence, including:

  • “Torba reposted a conspiracy theory video attacking Jewish people for ‘white genocide,’ including through the Jewish nonprofit HIAS — the same conspiracy theory the alleged Gab mass shooter referenced.
  • “Torba reposted another Gab user who said he made a ‘very good and true tweet’ attacking ‘subversive Jewish lawyers and propagandists.’
  • “Torba reposted a Gab user claiming that ‘there has never been a more privileged and protected group than the modern jew, and unlike talking about ‘globalists’ or the ‘NWO,’ if you speak out about them, you will be attacked.’
  • “Torba reposted a user’s praise of Gab for showcasing ‘differing opinions’ on the Holocaust.
  • “Torba reposted a user complaining about Jewish influence in government, business, and the media.
  • “Torba reposted a user (‘Racial Consciousness’) complaining about a U.S. House measure that condemned antisemitism and suggesting it shows Jews are ‘ruling over you.’
  • “Torba reposted a user stating that ‘Ukraine’s “democracy” is just as jewish, fake, and gay as ours is.’”

Even though Torba has a long record of spewing vile antisemitic, hateful, and dangerous rhetoric, Mastriano has praised him, even paying $5,000 to Gab so that antisemitic and alt-right extremists would join his campaign.

Since reporting first uncovered Mastriano and Gab’s damning ties, Mastriano and Torba have defended their work together, with Mastriano retweeting a post calling his involvement with Gab’s extremists “creative campaigning” and Torba filming a video praising Mastriano. In Torba’s endorsement of Mastriano last spring, he said he was supporting Mastriano to build “a coalition of Christian nationalists at the local and state level.”