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Maryland’s Own Donald Trump: Hogan Launches Campaign With Crowd Size Fib

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President Donald Trump isn’t the only politician in the DMV to get caught telling whoppers about crowd size. This weekend, Governor Larry Hogan kicked off his reelection campaign and got caught in a Trumpian fib of his own.
Baltimore Sun reporter Erin Cox tweeted: “According to this press release, [Hogan]’s spoken to a crowd of 1,000 … even though he’s not here and this building holds 750.”
President Trump has repeatedly lied about crowd sizes at his own events including, most infamously, his inauguration.
“Larry Hogan’s taking a page out of the Donald Trump playbook and putting political optics and ego ahead of reality,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Hogan has failed to stand up to Trump’s dangerous policy agenda that has harmed Maryland families, and he’s even embracing his party boss’ divisive and fact-challenged campaign style. Maryland deserves better.”