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Mark Ronchetti MIA for Fifth GOP Forum in a Row

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This week, Mark Ronchetti skipped his fifth straight public forum in the crowded Republican primary for governor. As GOP infighting escalates, Wrongchetti has been hiding out to avoid losing his already dismal support.

The other candidates in the crowded GOP primary have slammed Ronchetti for refusing to show up at all five forums thus far. Jay Block called him “a total hypocrite” and accused him of “cowardice,” also starting the hashtags #MIAMark and #MissingMark.

Ronchetti has “kicked his campaign into damage control mode” after he bombed in the GOP pre-primary convention, so it’s no surprise he’s hiding from his opponents and New Mexico Republicans.

“How can Mark Ronchetti expect New Mexicans to elect him governor when he can’t bother to show up and answer their questions?” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “He hasn’t answered why he flip-flopped on climate change or why he kissed up to Trump after denouncing him. But the biggest question of all is: Where’s Wrongchetti?”