Mark Ronchetti Calls for Putting Abortion Ban on the Ballot in New Mexico

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Mark Ronchetti is adding another level to his plan to rip away New Mexicans’ reproductive freedoms, this time declaring his support for a special statewide election on an abortion ban.

Ronchetti’s newest approach to veil his extreme position comes in a new ad where he also declares he’s “made his position clear,” when it comes to abortion.

In fact Ronhetti has made his position clear: Ronchetti has described himself “strongly pro-life” for years and opposes a woman’s right to choose “at all stages.” He’s explained multiple plans to restrict abortion in New Mexico—ranging from a ban that’s identical to the “unbelievably cruel” nationwide ban pushed by Senate Republicans to a plan to “end abortion in New Mexico,” according to Pastor Steve Smothermon, who spoke to the candidate “for hours.”

“Just like he says, Mark Ronchetti has ‘made his position clear’: he wants to take away reproductive rights in New Mexico,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Now, he’s going one step further in his attempts to hide his anti-choice agenda,  but New Mexico voters will see right through it. They know the only candidate in the race who they can trust to protect their rights is Gov. Lujan Grisham.”