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Mark Ronchetti Admits He Has No Clue What New Mexicans Are Facing

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In Between Bashing Each Other, the GOP Field Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

In between attacking his fellow primary candidates, one New Mexico GOP candidate for governor just admitted he has no idea what issues New Mexicans are struggling with. Rather than discussing the issues facing working families in the state, Mark Ronchetti admitted at a GOP candidate forum he has no idea what those issues even are, saying, “I’m not somebody who has a deep knowledge of what is failing you.”

The other candidates at the forum were no better, spending their time landing low-blow attacks on one another, rather than explaining any comprehensive plan they might have to govern. Jay Block went after Rebecca Dow for the ethics charges she’s facing, calling them “baggage” that should disqualify her from the race. Dow called the charges “bogus.” She also admitted she’s focused on taking down her opponents rather than fighting for New Mexicans, saying, “my fight is the primary.”

After the forum, the infighting spilled over onto social media, where the candidates continued to bicker. Block slammed Ronchetti on Twitter for his clueless comment — yet, with no real plan of his own to take on the issues that matter to New Mexicans, he and the rest of the field have no leg to stand on.

“If Ronchetti and the rest of the field don’t have a clue what New Mexico working families are facing, they have no business running for governor,” said DGA Senior Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “While they throw jabs at each other and ignore the real issues New Mexicans are dealing with, Gov. Lujan Grisham is taking action to solve them — like easing the burden families are feeling by rising costs, creating countless economic development opportunities, and supporting educators and students.”