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Mark Robinson’s Long History of Demeaning Women and Attacking Women’s Rights

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Mark Robinson’s Long History of Demeaning Women and Attacking Women’s Rights

As Mark Robinson is coming under fire for saying, “I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote,” the DGA is highlighting some of his other greatest hits in his long-record of demeaning women and discussing dangerous plans to rip away women’s rights.

This is of course in addition to Robinson’s repeated calls to completely ban abortion in North Carolina, with no exceptions, saying he would “love to pass a law” that says “you can’t have an abortion in North Carolina for any reason.”

Mark Robinson has proudly insulted women by saying:

  • “It’s not your body anymore, it’s y’all’s body”: Robinson told pregnant women that once they are pregnant, their body is no longer their own.
  • “We are called to be led by men”: Robinson claimed that God calls men, not women, to leadership positions, and tried explaining that suggestion by stating that God sent “David, not Davita” to face Goliath.
  • “The stench of human waste,” “the devil,” “witch”: Robinson’s Facebook page is filled with posts demeaning successful American women, including elected officials, celebrities and athletes.

“Mark Robinson is a dangerous extremist who has a long, repeated pattern of degrading women as he seeks to rip away some of their most fundamental rights,”  said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “North Carolina’s women and girls deserve a governor who will stand up for their rights, respect them, and fight back against attempts to degrade and demean them, and that governor will be Attorney General Josh Stein.”