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Mark Robinson’s Campaign Desperately Wants to “Keep Robinson from Talking”

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Mark Robinson’s Campaign Desperately Wants to “Keep Robinson from Talking”

North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s “handlers” are trying and failing miserably to “shut him down” and stop him from publicly sharing his dangerous and out-of-touch views with the people of North Carolina, according to PoliticsNC.

One look at Robinson’s record and it’s easy to see why his campaign wants him to be quiet. From continually spreading dangerous antisemitic conspiracy theories and disrespecting women to pushing for banning abortion in all cases, as PoliticsNC added: “Almost every time Robinson speaks in public, he exposes his vitriol, ignorance, and hate.”

Just last week Robinson’s “handlers” pulled him from appearing alongside a number of extreme right wing conspiracy theorists at a rally in August, which came after he made an appearance at a rally that was headlined by election deniers in May.

“Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is an unapologetic extremist who spews harmful and hateful rhetoric every time he’s in front of a microphone” said DGA Communications Director Sam Newton. “No matter how much his campaign tries to keep Robinson in a box, he won’t be able to hide his dangerous record from North Carolina families.”