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Mark Robinson Won’t Protect Access to IVF

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Mark Robinson Won’t Protect Access to IVF

As North Carolina Republicans spend the final hours of today’s primary election worrying that Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is too extreme to be their nominee, Robinson is only confirming their worst fears by refusing to say whether he supports allowing North Carolinians to access IVF and other critical fertility treatments.

When asked by the Charlotte Observer whether he supports “access to IVF and other fertility treatments” and if he would “support legislative efforts to protect it” as governor, Mark Robinson’s office refused to answer, in another attempt to keep North Carolinians in the dark about his extreme agenda.

Robinson’s silence is anything but reassuring after he has spent years staking out the most extreme ground when it comes to opposing reproductive freedom — including praising the North Carolina legislature for passing a deeply unpopular abortion ban, pledging to go further and completely ban abortion “for any reason” if elected governor, and saying that “it’s not your body” to women once they become pregnant.

“By refusing to say if he’ll protect IVF, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is only confirming Republicans’ worst fears that he is too extreme for North Carolina,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Unfortunately for Robinson, his toxic record speaks for itself and North Carolinians have no illusions that he would use this – and every – opportunity to put politicians into the doctor’s office and further strip away their reproductive freedom.”