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Mark Robinson Refuses to Apologize For Promoting Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

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Mark Robinson Refuses to Apologize For Promoting Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

It has been over a week since an investigation from Jewish Insider shed new light on North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s history of downplaying the Holocaust and promoting antisemitic conspiracy theories and Robinson still has yet to apologize. Instead, facing widespread condemnation from state leaders on both sides of the aisle, as well as from leading Jewish organizations in the state, he dug in, releasing an unhinged and non sequitur-laden statement from a campaign spokesperson after the North Carolina GOP declined to defend his dangerous rhetoric.

Robinson has a well-documented history of dangerous, racist, and antisemitic statements that have put Jewish North Carolinians on “high alert” and drawn ire from the Republican Jewish Coalition. The posts uncovered by Jewish Insider are no exception — including one where he claimed, “Hitler disarming MILLIONS of Jews and then marching them off to concentration camps is a bunch of hogwash.” 

“Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s antisemitic rhetoric and conspiracy-mongering make North Carolinians less safe, and his refusal to apologize is disqualifying,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “Every day that Robinson refuses to explain or walk back his unhinged and dangerous comments just further shows voters who he truly is: an out-of-touch extremist who could not be more wrong for North Carolina.”