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Mark Robinson Reaffirms Support for an Even More Extreme Abortion Ban in North Carolina

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Mark Robinson Reaffirms Support for an Even More Extreme Abortion Ban in North Carolina

Robinson: “I’ve been frank and clarified where I stand…I wanted a six week bill”

Barely two years after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Mark Robinson is reminding North Carolinians of his anti-choice extremism, including passing legislation to ban abortion before most women even know they’re pregnant.

In a radio interview with WBT, Robinson reaffirmed his commitment to future attacks on reproductive freedom, telling North Carolinians, “I wanted a six week bill. I wanted what they call the heartbeat bill, but that didn’t go our way.”

Robinson has made his anti-choice extremism a key pillar of his campaign for governor, stating that if elected governor, he would ban “abortion in North Carolina for any reason,” including for victims of rape and incest. Disturbing new reporting earlier this month revealed new comments in which he claimed that abortion happens because women “weren’t responsible enough to keep your skirt down.”

Robinson’s attacks on abortion rights aren’t just dangerous, they’re also deeply out of line with what North Carolinians want in their next governor. Polling from earlier this year found that 52% of voters said they would “prefer a governor who supports protecting abortion rights” and only 9% of voters support Robinson’s view that abortion should be illegal in all cases.

“Mark Robinson’s support for an even more extreme abortion ban is just the next step toward his goal of banning abortion ‘for any reason’ in North Carolina,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Robinson has made it clear that he wants to completely gut reproductive freedom in North Carolina, and further undermine the rights of women across the state. Robinson’s dangerous anti-choice extremism has no place in North Carolina.”