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Mark Robinson: “It Is Time for us to Get Back” to Reading Hitler, Mao, and Stalin

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Mark Robinson: “It Is Time for us to Get Back” to Reading Hitler, Mao, and Stalin

Robinson, previously: “We don’t need to be teaching social studies… We don’t need to be teaching science.”

On yet another out-of-state trip to Pennsylvania over the weekend, North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson once more laid bare his dangerous and extreme agenda, this time suggesting that dictators including Adolf Hitler, Chairman Mao, and Joseph Stalin were being “taken out of context” and calling it “time for us to get back and start reading some of [their] quotes.”


“Whether you’re talking about Adolf Hitler, whether you’re talking about Chairman Mao, whether you’re talking about Stalin, whether you’re talking about Pol Pot, whether you’re talking about Castro in Cuba, or whether you’re talking about a dozen other despots all around the globe, it is time for us to get back and start reading some of those quotes.”

This is not the first time Robinson has faced scrutiny for invoking the Holocaust and antisemitic tropes that have left Jewish Tar Heels on “high alert.” Reports earlier this year from Talking Points Memo and Jewish Insider show that Robinson has “repeatedly questioned why criticism of Nazis was such a prominent part of political discourse,” and used his personal Facebook account to amplify antisemitic conspiracy theories and “veer into Holocaust denial” — going so far as to prompt Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, to condemn his remarks and his refusal to back down as “troubling and unacceptable.”

Robinson’s comments also come after he has pledged to “work to keep history, science and a number of other subjects out of first through fifth grade curricula and instead prioritize reading, writing and math. ‘In those grades, we don’t need to be teaching social studies,’ he writes. ‘We don’t need to be teaching science.”

“Given the opportunity to speak about his priorities for North Carolina, Mark Robinson chooses to promote quotes from Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, and attack public education,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “It’s quickly becoming clear that Robinson’s agenda is so dangerous, so extreme, and so toxic that he can’t even talk about it unless he’s hundreds of miles away from North Carolina.”