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Mark Robinson Can’t Rewrite His Anti-Public Education Agenda

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Mark Robinson Can’t Rewrite His Anti-Public Education Agenda

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is shamelessly trying to rewrite his long, well-documented history of insulting public school teachers and attacking public education.

In The News & Observer, Robinson tried to distance himself from his toxic record of calling teachers “wicked people” and urging parents not to send their children to North Carolina’s public schools.

Robinson’s opposition to public education is so strong that he used a segment of his 2022 memoir to rail against public education and outline the ways that he would weaken public schools if he were governor — going so far as to proposeabolishing social studies and science classes in elementary schools.

“There’s no amount of running, hiding, or revision that will make North Carolinians forget that Mark Robinson is one of the state’s most outspoken opponents of public education,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Robinson has made it clear that if elected, he would work to undermine public education, and continue his attacks on teachers. North Carolinians deserve a governor who is dedicated to investing in public schools, and supporting teachers, parents, and students.”