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Mark Robinson Can’t Hide from His History of Insulting and Degrading Teachers

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Mark Robinson Can’t Hide from His History of Insulting and Degrading Teachers

At a Wilmington business forum this morning, Mark Robinson tried to deceive voters and tout his support of North Carolina’s public school teachers, a group that has been the target of insulting and degrading attacks from Robinson for years.

In his remarks at the forum, Robinson claimed that teachers in North Carolina “are not protected and they are not respected,” while also claiming he supports teacher pay raises. A look at his past remarks reveal that teachers are not respected by Mark Robinson, and they are certainly not protected from the attacks he lobs against multiple groups in the state.

Robinson’s history of attacking teachers includes calling them “wicked people” and “so-called people” who are “wrong headed,” going so far as to urge parents not to send their children to North Carolina’s public schools because of teachers.

If that weren’t bad enough, Robinson has also written in his 2022 memoir that if he were “totally” in charge of education in North Carolina, he’d stop the teaching of social studies and science in grades one through five.

As for teacher salaries, Mark Robinson’s anti-public school agenda is built on proposals to gut public schools of their funding and endanger teachers’ jobs. At a campaign event, Robinson falsely claimed that “it has already been proven that school systems get better results on less money,” and that schools “don’t need more dollars, we need to redirect dollars.” While North Carolina teachers struggle to live where they work, and the state drops in national teacher pay rankings, Robinson’s anti-public school agenda would make these issues worse, not better.

“Mark Robinson is an enemy of public education in North Carolina, and his record proves that,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Whether it’s his proposals to gut school curriculum, strip schools of their resources, or his efforts to insult and degrade teachers, Mark Robinson’s anti-public education agenda would be devastating for North Carolina’s students, parents, and teachers.”