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Mark Robinson Calls For Public Education Budget to be “Slashed”

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Mark Robinson Calls For Public Education Budget to be “Slashed”

In his latest attack on public education in North Carolina, a new report reveals Lt. Governor Mark Robinson said, “I believe that we can cut our state school budget. I don’t think it needs to be grown. I think it needs to be slashed.”

This comes after Republicans in North Carolina recently said they were considering redirecting $300 million of taxpayer funds out of public schools and towards unaccountable private schools, even as North Carolina continues to rank in the bottom half of all states when it comes to teacher pay.

Robinson’s calls to slash school funding are the latest episode in his extreme anti-education agenda. In addition to repeatedly pushing a “devastating” plan to send taxpayer dollars to private schools and calling to eliminate science and social studies from elementary schools, Robinson has insulted teachers as “wicked people” and “wrongheaded” and advocated for a return to corporal punishment for children.

“Mark Robinson continues wage war against North Carolina’s public schools,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “Instead of being a real leader and finding ways to support teachers, students, parents and schools, Mark Robinson once again is finding new ways to undermine them and showing himself to be extreme, unfit, and dangerous for the students and teachers of North Carolina.”