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Mark Robinson Calls for Funding Cuts to North Carolina Public Schools

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Mark Robinson Calls for Funding Cuts to North Carolina Public Schools

Robinson: “…school systems get better results on less money.”

New reporting from the News and Observer unearthed previously unreported audio of Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson calling for funding cuts to North Carolina’s public schools and falsely claiming that “it has already been proven that school systems get better results on less money.”

Robinson continued his argument for stripping resources from public schools, stating that schools “don’t need more dollars, we need to redirect dollars.”

Previously, Robinson has urged parents not to send their children to the state’s public schools and outlined his desire to cut science and social studies classes from public schools, writing in his 2022 memoir that if he were “totally” in charge of education in North Carolina, he’d stop the teaching of social studies and science in grades one through five.

In addition to his calls for funding cuts and threats to gut school curriculums, Robinson has also frequently attacked public school teachers, calling them “wicked people” and “so-called people” who are “wrong headed.”

“Mark Robinson has made it clear that weakening and attacking North Carolina’s public schools would be a major priority of his administration if elected,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Robinson’s dangerous anti-public education agenda would bring disastrous results for the state’s students, parents, and teachers and has no place in North Carolina.”