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March Madness: While Hoosiers Play Tar Heels, GOP Govs Compete to Drive Jobs Away

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March Madness: While Hoosiers Play Tar Heels, GOP Govs Compete to Drive Jobs Away

Tonight, while the Indiana Hoosiers and the North Carolina Tar Heels face off for a trip to the Elite Eight, Gov. Pat McCrory and Gov. Mike Pence are in a contest of their own. This week, the two GOP Govs have gone head to head to see whose extreme social agenda can do more damage to their state’s economy.

 Lets take a look at the matchup: 

Mike Pence comes in as the #1 seed with a long history of discrimination. Last year, Pence’s anti-LGBT RFRA law brought a firestorm of national embarrassment to Indiana and drove at least $60 million dollars out of the state’s economy with more to come.

McCrory, however, is no underdog. On Wednesday, McCrory pushed his own discrimination onto North Carolina, signing a bill that is being called “the broadest anti-LGBT law in the country.” McCrory’s discrimination was met with instant backlash by the national business community. Economic opportunities at stake for North Carolina:

  • NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte
  • ESPN X-Games at the Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • NCAA Championship events across the state

Not to be outdone, Pence took his job-killing social agenda one step further this week and signed a “sweeping abortion bill” that made Indiana the second state in the country to ban abortions based on genetic fetal anomalies.

With both Pence and McCrory chasing business out of their states with misplaced social priorities, its hard to tell who has the upper-hand.

“The economic damage caused by Mike Pence and Pat McCrory’s job-killing social agenda is almost head-spinning,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “The business community has responded to anti-LGBT measures with clear and consistent message: Discrimination is bad for business. Yet GOP governors like Mike Pence and Pat McCrory continue to push extreme social agendas that drive economic opportunity away from their states. These misplaced priorities will not go unnoticed by voters in 2016.”