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Malloy, Inslee Statement on Proposed Elimination of ACA Individual Mandate

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DGA Chair Gov. Dan Malloy (D-CT) and DGA Vice Chair Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) released the following joint statement on Republican proposal to eliminate the ACA individual mandate using their tax reform bill:

“Republicans are trying to use a disastrous tax reform as a backdoor to sabotage American health care,” said Malloy and Inslee. “This cynical, last-minute maneuver would eliminate health coverage for millions of Americans and bring chaos to state insurance markets. Americans loudly opposed previous Republican-led repeal efforts. The only difference this time is Republicans are trying to jam it through hidden inside a bill that already gives huge tax cuts to the rich. 

“Last week, voters came to the polls in record numbers to reject Congressional health care repeal plans. Health care was the top issue in exit polls in the Democratic gubernatorial victories. But yet again, Republicans are ignoring the will of the voters and advancing a disastrous plan to undermine health care for millions of Americans. If Republicans continue to sabotage health care, every single Republican candidate on the ballot will be held accountable in 2018.”