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Malloy, Inslee, Cuomo Statement on Republican Tax Proposal

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DGA Chair Gov. Dan Malloy (D-CT), DGA Vice Chair Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA), and DGA Policy Chair Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) released the following joint statement on the newly unveiled Republican tax plan:

“The Republican tax plan released today would be a disaster for the middle-class in our states,” said Malloy, Inslee and Cuomo. “This plan would raise taxes on many middle-class families, small businesses and many homeowners to pay for tax giveaways to special interests. 

“As governors, we are particularly concerned with the elimination of the state and local income and sales tax deduction, which would raise taxes on millions of hardworking Americans, in all 50 states.  Cutting the state and local deduction is a non-starter on any tax bill. It would lead to double taxation on our constituents and deplete already-strained state budgets. And the average middle-class family with two children would see a tax increase of 15%.

“We stand ready to work with Congress on true bipartisan tax proposals to strengthen the middle-class and grow our state economies. However, this proposal fails that test dramatically, and we urge Congress to reject this proposal as written.”