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Maine Gubernatorial Candidate Shawn Moody Suggests Teachers Use Fire Extinguishers to Stop School Shootings

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Shawn Moody, a Republican running for Governor of Maine, said in a radio interview this week that fire extinguishers would work as a “great deterrent” for school shootings. According to The Hill, Moody suggested that “instead of passing new restrictions on gun rights, teachers could use fire extinguishers that are already in every school.”
Moody said, “When you think about commonsense things, practical things we could do like, right now, there are fire extinguishers, dry chemical fire extinguishers in every commercial building, school, almost within a hundred feet of wherever you are. And a fire extinguisher can be a great deterrent if somebody gets out of control, or somebody, if anything happens, a teacher, anybody, can break that glass, set the alarm off, grab that chemical fire extinguisher and spray it towards somebody. And I’ll tell you right now that could put them to their knees.”
“Moody’s preposterous suggestion that fire extinguishers can stop our nation’s epidemic of gun violence shows that he is not the serious leader Mainers deserve,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “After 8 years of Governor LePage’s over the top rhetoric and failure to address the real problems plaguing the state, Maine voters are ready for a thoughtful leader with real solutions—not more of the same LePage policies.”