Maine GOP Lurches Further to the Right as Mike Thibodeau Drops Out of Governor’s Race

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Susan Collins Wing of Maine GOP No Longer Represented in Gubernatorial Primary

The Maine Republican gubernatorial primary took another dramatic rightward turn today as Senate President Mike Thibodeau dropped out of the race. Thibodeau comes from the Susan Collins wing of the Maine GOP and was the only Republican in the field willing to speak out against Governor Paul LePage’s extremes. Candidates Shawn Moody, Mary Mayhew, Ken Fredette, and Garrett Mason have been tripping over themselves, trying to out-LePage each other.
“As Maine’s Republican gubernatorial candidates continue to race further and further to the right, Maine Democrats’ odds of winning the state’s governorship continue to climb,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “After two terms of Governor LePage’s extremism and mismanagement, Mainers are ready for a change—a change it’s clear none of the remaining GOP candidates can provide.”