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Lombardo’s “Longtime Friend,” NV Republican Party Chair Has Phone Seized by FBI Over Fake Elector Scheme

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Joe Lombardo’s “longtime friend” and Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald has found himself engulfed in an FBI investigation, having his phone seized over his efforts to falsely certify Nevada electoral votes for Donald Trump. Lombardo and McDonald have been close for decades, from serving as LVMPD officers together to McDonald supporting Lombardo’s campaigns — including his bid for governor — to Lombardo personally donating to McDonald’s PAC.

As the self-proclaimed ‘law and order’ candidate, Lombardo must answer for his friend’s continued unlawful behavior that has warranted not only a subpoena from Congress but now an FBI investigation as well.

McDonald is just one of several radical election conspiracy theorists Lombardo has courted throughout his campaign. Lombardo was recently at an event with Donald Trump Jr., who mocked and downplayed the deadly insurrection.

“Joe Lombardo has made ‘law and order’ the crux of his campaign but now his ‘longtime friend’ Michael McDonald is at the center of an FBI investigation over his scheme to overturn Nevada’s election,” said DGA Senior Communication Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Lombardo must give Nevadans an explanation for his friend’s radical, unlawful, and corrupt actions.”