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Letter Slamming Chaotic Convention from VA GOP Candidates Shows Bad Blood in Primary is Getting Worse

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As fears of a rigged Republican primary in Virginia continue to grow, a new joint letter from Kirk Cox and Glenn Youngkin teaming up with frontrunner Amanda Chase is showing that the bad blood between the candidates is getting even worse.

In fact, Chase, Cox and Youngkin all signed a joint letter to the Virginia Republican Party chairman slamming the chaotic process of the upcoming nominating convention, saying it “lacks openness and transparency” and that it “would be better for the party to pursue an alternative method” – even though the convention is just weeks away. 

Notably, those three Republican candidates purposefully excluded Pete Snyder, who has been accused of rigging the GOP primary and the target of “most of the finger-pointing,” according to the Washington Post.

This is just the latest step Chase, Cox and Youngkin have taken to air their complaints about the state GOP’s decision to hold a confusing convention to pick their nominee. Frontrunner Amanda Chase continues to threaten to run as a third party candidate and Youngkin said he’s “extraordinarily frustrated.” And in a sign of more trouble to come, one GOP official told Virginia Scope: “This is the start of an anybody but Pete movement. This is palpable anger toward him from every campaign.”

Meanwhile, the nasty GOP primary is also playing out in TV, radio and mail ads across the state, with shadowy groups launching dirty and bizarre attack ads. 

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton added: “With just weeks until the Virginia GOP tries to pick a nominee, Republicans in Virginia were already extremely divided, but now their infighting is leading to shady alliances, more accusations of a rigged primary and even more chaos. Amanda Chase, Kirk Cox and Glenn Youngkin should publicly explain why they excluded Pete Snyder from their letter and announce what steps they’ll take if the Virginia Republican Party refuses to change the rules based on their concerns. No matter what they say,  it’s never been more certain that the Virginia GOP convention will only create more chaos and confusion.”