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Less than One Week Out from Wisconsin GOP Primary, Kleefisch and Michels Both on TV Attacking Each Other

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We’re less than one week out from the Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial primary and Republicans are more divided than ever as the infighting between candidates escalates.

Both Tim Michels and Rebecca Kleefisch are running tv ads attacking each other for not being conservative enough. Michels just launched a new ad going after Kleefisch for being a “Madison insider.”

The ad from Michels comes just a couple of weeks after Kleefisch launched a series of ads slamming Michels for his company’s “liberal positions,” and being “out for himself.” She even got Wisconsin’s failed former governor Scott Walker to join in on the mudslinging.

While the GOP primary has been chaotic since day one, the infighting took off after Trump endorsed Michels. Just days ago, Mike Pence endorsed Kleefisch, pitting ex-president against ex-vice president and splintering the GOP base even more.

Wisconsin Republicans have long since kissed their dreams for a clean primary goodbye, but the chaos is far from over. Trump is headed to Wisconsin to campaign for Michels on Friday, which will inevitably spur even more mudslinging, and Pence is scheduled to campaign for Kleefisch next week.

“Wisconsin Republicans in the primary are wasting their time and money attacking one another instead of talking about the issues that Wisconsinites care about,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The reality is that whoever wins this chaotic primary will be faced with the impossible task of uniting a fractured GOP base — plus, they’ll have to reconcile with the fact that their far-right positions are completely out of touch with Wisconsinites.”