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LePage Rewards Moody’s Loyalty

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LePage Family Donates $2,000 to LePage “Mini-Me”

Governor Paul LePage’s name might not be on the ballot this November, but his agenda most definitely is, and he’s doing everything he can to cement his damaging legacy in Maine.
New campaign reports reveal that LePage and his wife each donated $1,000 to “LePage’s mini-me” Shawn Moody, rewarding Moody for the way he’s latched onto LePage.

Despite LePage consistently maintaining a toxic approval rating, Moody has committed to continuing the LePage era. The same policies have left Maine schools crumbling and left thousands of Mainers without access to affordable health care.
“Shawn Moody has campaigned on one thing and one thing only–continuing Governor LePage’s failed agenda, Mainers be damned,” said Democratic Governor Association Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Eight years of LePage have undermined education for Maine students and blocked access to affordable health care for thousands. Now, LePage is rewarding his mini-me for his loyalty with campaign cash. But Mainers have had enough of the LePage era and are ready for a governor who will fight for them.”