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Lee Zeldin’s Closing Argument to New Yorkers: Putting Guns in Classrooms

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With one week left until Election Day, Lee Zeldin’s closing message to voters is arming teachers and putting guns in classrooms.

Today, Zeldin doubled down on his support for putting guns in schools. He did the same last week, where in an interview with CBS2 New York, he once again said if elected governor, he’d put more guns in schools and arm teachers.

Gov. Kathy Hochul slammed Zeldin for his dangerous position, saying, “Lee Zeldin not only supports guns on subways and in places of worship and in our parks and in places like Times Square, he also now believes that the way to make your kids safer is to make sure that every classroom has a gun in it.”

Unlike Zeldin, Gov. Hochul has taken action to get illegal guns off the streets and ensure kids are safe in classrooms.

“Lee Zeldin’s closing argument to voters is putting guns in New York classrooms — showing once again just how out of touch and extreme he is,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “When it comes to keeping New Yorkers safe, the choice in the governor’s race couldn’t be clearer: While Gov. Hochul continues to take action to get guns off the streets and make New York safer, Zeldin’s only plan for public safety is to give every teacher an assault rifle.”