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Leader of Baseless Election Review Touts Rebecca Kleefisch for Governor

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Radical Rebecca Continues to Lean In on GOP’s Taxpayer-Funded Crusade Against Voters

At an event last weekend, Rebecca Kleefisch appeared alongside and earned the support of election fraud conspiracy theorist Michael Gableman, the frontman of the Wisconsin GOP’s baseless, taxpayer-funded investigation into Wisconsin’s 2020 election results.

Gableman faced backlash earlier this year after comparing the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s coverage of his probe to Nazi propaganda.

While touting Kleefisch, Gableman asked for support in keeping his election review going, leaving Wisconsinites with one big question: will Radical Rebecca support wasting taxpayer money on baseless conspiracy theories?

Kleefisch has a long record of supporting the Big Lie. Earlier this year, she was called “Wisconsin’s Donald Trump” for backing election conspiracy theories and supporting a “forensic audit” of the results. Kleefisch even refused to say whether or not she’d sign a bill allowing the state legislature to overturn election results if elected governor.

Kleefisch’s agenda proposes handing election oversight from a bipartisan commission to the GOP-controlled legislature, and her campaign leadership is filled with election conspiracy theorists.

“Rebecca Kleefisch would strip voting rights and undermine faith in our elections if elected,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Look no further than Kleefisch’s closest allies to see how far she’s gone down the Big Lie rabbit hole. Radical Rebecca is just another Republican hack who would overturn the will of voters and threaten our democracy.”