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Laxalt’s Economic Plan: Turn Nevada into New Mexico

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Laxalt on Gov. Susana Martinez: ‘She’s Done a Great Job’

NM is 49th in Unemployment Rate, 50th in Education

Nevada Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt just gave Nevadans a preview of his gubernatorial campaign slogan: Turn Nevada into New Mexico.
On the Dan Mason radio show Thursday, Laxalt was gushing about hosting New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez at his fundraiser later in the month, and said she has, “done a great job” in New Mexico.
Listen here:
ADAM LAXALT: She’s done a great job for almost two terms now and was one of the leaders of one of the governors groups that our governor is the current leader of. And so she’s been very important for our party and it’s going to be exciting to hear what she has to say.
She’s done great job? If Laxalt checked her record, he’d know she’s not such a great role model.
New Mexico’s economy ranks near the very bottom nationally. So does its public education system. And 57% of New Mexicans disapprove of Martinez.
A few relevant rankings from U.S. News:
#49 – Unemployment rate
#49 – Economic Growth
#50 – Public Safety
#50 – High School Graduation rate
And some headlines:
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“Adam Laxalt just admitted he wants to bring New Mexico’s failures to Nevada,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Martinez has overseen the absolute collapse of her state’s economy and has only made it worse. If Laxalt thinks she’s done a ‘great job,’ he is the wrong person for the job in Nevada.”