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Laxalt’s Commitment To Cutting Education Funding Continues to Hurt Him

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Nevada GOP Governor Brian Sandoval Declines to Defend Laxalt On Education

The intraparty cold war between Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and GOP nominee Adam Laxalt continues to cast a pall over Laxalt’s bid for governor.
Sandoval characterized Democrat Steve Sisolak’s latest ad on education, which supports continuing Governor Sandoval’s reforms, as beyond partisan politics. His office said, “it’s not about Republican or Democrat, it’s about education.” Sandoval has said Laxalt’s education plan would devastate the state, “hurt kids” and “hurt teachers.”
Laxalt has promised to repeal Governor Sandoval’s signature achievement that increased funding for Nevada’s schools and teachers. Sandoval took notice, and publicly refused to endorse his potential successor, saying he could not“support a candidate who seeks to undo what we’ve done for the past seven years.”
Read more about Sandoval’s comments below:
Sandoval on Sisolak ad going after Laxalt: ‘It’s not about Republican or Democrat, it’s about education.’
In an unusual departure from partisan politics, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak has been running ads on the Las Vegas airwaves that attack his Republican opponent by touting the education policies of Gov. Brian Sandoval, the Republican governor he is looking to replace.
Asked whether Sandoval took issue with the ad, a spokesperson for the office said on Monday, “For Governor Sandoval, it’s not about Republican or Democrat, it’s about education.”
Laxalt has said publicly and on his website that he wants to repeal the Commerce Tax on large companies. In August, Sandoval said he did not plan to endorse in the governor’s race, and he has criticized Laxalt’s position on the Commerce Tax. At an event hosted by The Nevada Independent in December, Sandoval said he could not “support a candidate who seeks to undo what we’ve done for the past seven years.”
The ad also criticized Laxalt’s support for using public funding for students who want to go to private schools. This is a reference to Education Savings Accounts, which Sandoval had in his budget but whose funding mechanism was rejected by the state Supreme Court