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DGA Statement on Adam Laxalt’s Primary Victory in Nevada

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Tonight, Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson released the following statement on Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s gubernatorial nomination in Nevada:
“Adam Laxalt will always put his donors and special interests before Nevada’s families, and his record proves it.
“He was caught on a tape using the stature of his office to benefit one of his biggest donors. He will say anything the Koch Brothers tell him to say, whether or not it is good public policy. And now he’s protecting one of his political allies accused of perjury and sexual assault.
“As a member of the far-right fringe of American politics, Laxalt would hurt Nevada’s public schools, rollback healthcare protections, and threaten Nevada’s economy with his extreme social agenda.
“Nevadans need a governor who will have their back, not one who will sell state government to the highest bidder. Adam Laxalt is just wrong for Nevada.”


In February 2017, Nevada’s Top Gaming Regulator Recorded a Conversation with Laxalt and Turned It Over to the FBI – Laxalt Had Approached the Regulator About Interceding in a Lawsuit on Behalf of Sheldon Adelson, Laxalt’s Biggest Donor. According to the Nevada Independent, “Nevada’s chief gaming regulator surreptitiously recorded a conversation with Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who approached him about interceding in a lawsuit on behalf of his biggest donor and Nevada’s wealthiest casino magnate, Sheldon Adelson, The Nevada Independent has learned. Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett subsequently turned the recording over to the FBI, which decided no crime was committed by Laxalt, sources confirm. The attorney general had plaintively requested a meeting with Burnett to discuss a Las Vegas Sands court action and the state’s potential role in publicly agreeing with Adelson that certain government documents should be kept private, multiple sources have confirmed.” [Nevada Independent, 2/15/17]
Las Vegas Sun Headline: “Laxalt Won’t Denounce Sheriff’s Endorsement Pending Harassment Probe.” [Las Vegas Sun, 5/29/18]
In May 2018, Laxalt Called the Attacks on Sheriff Gerald Antinoro’s Endorsement of Him “Political Theatrics” Amid Sexual Assault Accusations. According to the Las Vegas Sun, “OP gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt wants his office to finish its investigation into a Nevada sheriff accused of sexual assault before his campaign decides whether to denounce his endorsement. Laxalt made the comments Tuesday night during an interview with Steve Sebelius and Christianne Klein of KLAS Channel 8. He said his office just recently received the case on one of the officials endorsing his campaign, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, who has been accused of harassment and sexual assault. ‘We’re a prosecuting office,’ Laxalt said. ‘I hope the voters understand that while there’s kind of political theatrics going on right now and people demand immediate rejection or endorsement and things like that, this case was referred to my office just a few weeks ago.’ Laxalt said it is ‘proper’ for his campaign to wait to make a decision on the endorsement from a sheriff when his office is investigating him.” [Las Vegas Sun, 5/29/18]
Nevada Independent Headline: “Serious Questions Raised Whether Laxalt Is Actually Investigating Rural Sheriff Accused of Wrongdoing.” [Nevada Independent, 6/6/18]
Las Vegas Sun Editorial: “Laxalt is at the Far-Right Fringe of American Politics.” [Las Vegas SunEditorial, 6/12/18]
Sandoval Said Laxalt’s Proposal to Repeal the Commerce Tax Would Be “Devastating to Education” and Would “Hurt Students, Teachers, and Parents.” According to the Las Vegas Sun, “Gov. Brian Sandoval said today that Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s proposal to repeal the commerce tax would be devastating to education. He said it would hurt students, teachers and parents.” [Las Vegas Sun, 10/10/17]