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Laxalt Hiding From Voters

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To say Republican nominee for governor Adam Laxalt’s campaign has been tight-lipped when answering questions is an understatement. Laxalt just doesn’t seem to think Nevadans deserve an answer on what he does as Attorney General, or his plans as governor.
When in private, however, he must be able to answer some questions, because why else would his special interest donors, and the billionaire Koch brothers, support him with millions of dollars?
Here is a brief list of just a few topics Laxalt has tried to avoid during this campaign.
REVOKED LICENSE: “Laxalt’s campaign didn’t respond to an email asking if his license had ever been suspended or revoked because of the traffic infractions.” [The Nevada Independent, 9/12/18]
KOCH CONNECTIONS: “Laxalt’s office…did not directly address questions about whether Laxalt’s opposition to the investigation played any role in the campaign backing he has since received from Koch-funded organizations.” [Reno Gazette-Journal, 9/10/18]
WATER: “The campaign for Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt…did not reply to the questions about water. The Nevada Independent sent numerous emails to a spokesman and two top campaign operatives in the last two weeks. […] The Laxalt campaign did not respond to numerous requests for his position on this issue and a number of other water issues affecting the state…” [The Nevada Independent, 9/11/18]
ANTI-LGBT DECISIONS: “‘Adam Laxalt has a long history of anti-equality positions and defeating him is one of our highest priorities,’ said Geoff Wetrosky, HRC’s national campaign director…Laxalt’s office did not immediately respond to an inquiry seeking comment.” [The Nevada Independent, 8/10/18]
HOMETOWN REAL ESTATE: “Records obtained by The Nevada Independent show that Laxalt purchased the two-bedroom, one-bathroom property in January 2006, and is listed on online rental portals updated as recently as two months ago. […] A spokesman for Laxalt’s campaign didn’t return an email seeking comment on whether the attorney general is continuing to rent out the property.” [The Nevada Independent 9/7/18]
3D GUNS: “Laxalt’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.” [Nevada Current, 8/6/18]
DREAMERS: “Laxalt’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request Friday on what he currently believes is the right course of action for DREAMers who were brought to the country illegally by their parents.” [The Nevada Independent, 1/7/18]
CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORMS: “Laxalt, who was reached for a brief interview after a campaign stop at a Reno VFW hall, said that if elected governor, he would look to implement criminal justice reforms aimed at stopping the “revolving door” of Nevada inmates who find themselves back behind bars after a prison release. He did not respond to a question seeking specifics on those reforms.” [Reno Gazette Journal, 1/30/18]