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Laxalt Gets No Love From Sandoval

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Shorter Sandoval: Stop Trying To Gut Education, Roll Back Women’s Health, and Break Up Nevada Families….

More than 100 days ago, Adam Laxalt told Nevadans he was actively seeking the support of Governor Sandoval.
Today, he is still seeking that support. What’s the hold up?
For starters, Laxalt’s commitment to gut education funding signed into law by Governor Sandoval is a red line Laxalt’s already crossed.

But the differences don’t stop there.
As the Nevada Democratic Party laid out last week, the reasons Laxalt is too extreme for Sandoval (and Nevada) are many.
Whether it’s his commitment to rolling back reproductive rights, sabotaging Nevada’s healthcare exchange, standing idly by as Nevada families are torn apart by the Trump administration, or standing against marriage equality, the laundry list is a long one.
Why is he holding on these ideas that would bring Nevada backwards? Maybe it’s because he’s bought and paid for by conservative special interests, like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson.
“Adam Laxalt’s governing philosophy seems to be simply siding with right wing special interest groups. This not only gets him crosswise with the governor; it makes him out-of-touch with the majority of Nevadans,” said Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “It’s probably why he refuses to answer questions about where he stands on the issues. Unfortunately, he can’t sweep them under the rug and hope no one notices. It won’t work now, and it’s not going work in November.”